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Eh, Rene made me post this. ^^ Enjoy. The night found her,… - beauty is poetry [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 23rd, 2005|11:41 am]
beauty is poetry
[mood |creative with a rainbow]
[music |dun dun dun dun!]

Eh, Rene made me post this. ^^ Enjoy.

The night found her, creeping through the darkness into a stable. There she found a bay horse, who winnied and pranced at her approach. She reached out and stroked the horse's mane as she slid onto it's back. She guided the horse forward with her knees and kicked the barn door open. She prodded the horse into a canter towards the forest. Her hair flowed down, shining a bright gold through the blackness of night. Once they were through the line of trees that began the forest, she slowed the bay to a fast trot. They passed many a looming oak tree, taking on frightning images as the night swirled around them. She led the horse to an open pasture inside the forest, jumping into the tall grass around her. The horse reared and let out a loud neigh, playfully kicking up it's rear hooves. She laughed and ran, rolling down a small hill. The horse chased her around the meadow. They ran through the night, dodging large branches as they tore through the grass. The girl clutched the horse's mane in her hand, pushing on it's back with the other. As they ran, she pushed herself up and back onto the horse's back. The horse reared again, but turned and ran back towards the entrance of the forest. The night closed in on their shadows as they passed out of the forest


[User Picture]From: satanicchick
2005-05-23 10:22 pm (UTC)
good job *claps for lia*
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