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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2005|12:50 pm]
beauty is poetry
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a few beginnings [May. 1st, 2005|04:21 pm]
beauty is poetry

[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |the way you like it - adema]

fading away
falling farther eachday
farther from grace
you've ruined this somehow but
you were so well thought out
you knew all that I was about
what happened, Love?
where did I go wrong?
with you, that's where I belong..
..so long have I waited
for someone like you
to come pick me up from this tired place
all I want is to look you in the face
look strong and put together again
hold my head up a little higher
do you see how you affect me
how I burn for you (my hearts on fire)
how I melt for you (with desire)
your little flame
has been blown out
your little game
has been found out
make me spin & make me rush & make me love & let me trust...
that you will stay
that you mean
every(perfect)thing you say
_In Vain_


Every feeling
from this fall
Now pins me down
Do you hear me
shall you respond
Its not my fault
It's getting late
and I'm losing grip
See I'm going down
And I'll drag you down With me
Yeah you'll feel this pain For me
[Piece it together]
This mistake won't be your last
This is my twisted breakdown
and I'll shove it in your face
But turn around and you'll find
And I'll drag you down With me
Yeah you'll feel this pain FOR ME
this will go away...


Eyeliner stains down her cheek
Shes screwed it up this time
alone, broken, and weak.
Someone heard her sharp gasps and cries.
Someone saw the pain in her clouded eyes.
She heard someone say as they turned away,
"I wonder if she'll die..."
Hot tears adorn that fragile face
As she packs her things to get
the hell out of this place.
She really doesn't care
if they miss her at all.
She's done crying as she hears
the footsteps coming down the hall.
She's through with playing along.
No more stolen dreams.
She's through with this broken song.
No more muffled screams.
Inside her mind she knows
she has does nothing wrong
to deserve this kind of pain.
Shes breaking through her chains,
Shes running through the rain,
Shes slicing open the vein,
No more need to restrain.
Running out of reasons
to remain.


do you realize what I long for
when you're looking through my eyes
tell me why its ending this way
when you promised me you would stay
so shut your eyes
and swallow your lies
I just can't take them anymore
you're worth this pain
but I'm alone again
I just can't take this anymore
show me why... I still stand...
feed me lies... I still stand...
take me over and calm this storm
because I'm longing for the warmth of your arms
this void it's creeping over all of me
I'm shaking for your security
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|08:47 pm]
beauty is poetry

[music |Blade 2]

Well, here are some of my old poems from my .... um .... not exactly sure what it was called stage. But it was a stage I went through.

Lips speak words
From a daunting past
Eyes tell tales
That always last
Pale arms
Red release
Wicked intoxication
What we call peace
A mind is altered
A mouth is filled
A place we call hope
Inhumanly killed
Smiles are shattered
Blood is shed
The addictions we hold
Always fed
Hands held tight
You know we're home
Cry together
No longer alone

A forlorn world
Trapped inside
A frozen blade
My place to hide
A knife across
The scarred skin
A prize unworthy
Of evil sin
The vacant souls
Lined with doubt
Crimson objects
Always inside out
My tortured mind
Till the end
A dripping knife
My only friend

Smokey windows
A different room
I expected it later
But it came so soon
An orange embrace
Holds me tight
Blackened ashes
My only light
The windows break
But there are no screams
It's so surreal
But this isn't a dream
Shadows are rising
Burning my hair
The scent of dying people
Is filling the air
They tell you to run
The fire's raging inside
The smoke is suffocating
But do not hide
Block the pain out
There are no tears
The walls are burning down
No reason to fear
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|02:47 pm]
beauty is poetry


name: Briana Sullivan
age: 13
gender: Female.
sexuality: Bisexual. Whoohoo!
status (bf/gf or not, if so, show a picture): Single. Unfortunately.

please show us 1-5 pictures of yourself, we just want to know what you look like, you will not be judged on appearance... dont forget to SMILE!! lol
Don't have pix at the moment, I'll just post them later.

president: I really don't care, although if I would have to chose one side I would definitely say that he should die. Yep.
war: Anti. Although it has to happen.
gay marriage: Extremely forit.
abortion: It's the woman's choice.
religion (if there is a God): I go back and forth between agnostic and athiest.
legalizing marijuana: Whatever, dude. People are going to do it no matter what.
labels: They should die. Now.

color: I like all colors. red, silver, purple, and black. And yes, black isn't a color. Well mememe.

if you could be any person, who would you be: Someone else.
who would you fuck: So many. Colin Farrell, Cole Small, and...others.
what is your "label": Briana.
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ehhh [Apr. 26th, 2005|09:52 pm]
beauty is poetry
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ME MYSELF AND I [Apr. 26th, 2005|02:18 pm]
beauty is poetry

[mood |infuriatedsuspended]
[music |alice cooper: dead babies]

Me want to kill myself and I doesn’t know what to do
Its true stuff
That when me was in love myself and I were jealous and so they made me screw up
When myself was flirting with heaven knows who
Myself and I knew exactly what to do
They screwed everything up
When I wanted to go out with you
Me and myself messed it up for I so true
So what is there to do?
Me knows what to do
Me must kill off myself and I
But myself is the bigger obstacle for me
Its so true that myself wants to kill off I
And I knows how to prevent this, for he must kill me
Then myself die
So like rock paper scissors me myself and I go at it
And me myself and I all dies inside so true
Me realizes that myself and I are really me's only true friends
And myself realizes that me and I are really myself's only true friends
And I knows for certain that me and myself and I have been true to the end
Instead of being myself I and me
The three became a we
They became friends
Which brings us to the end
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2005|11:21 am]
beauty is poetry

[mood |lovedlovely]
[music |slipknot: (sic)]


When I failed you helped me
When I was suicidal you saved me
When I was lost you found me
When I was invisible you saw me
When I was dead you revived me
When I was hurt you listen to me
When I needed advice you gave it to me
When they wanted me you wouldn’t give me up
When I was drunk you help my hair when I thru up
When I wanted to do something you wouldn’t let me screw up
You were right there telling me to grow up
Given up on the one you loved
This all happened at the worst possible time
I needed you to catch me when I was falling
You were my darling
You were my sexy intoxicating aroma of life
But now you have decided to bring me strife
Because you left me
You stopped crying for me
When I was dying you stopped reviving me
All you do now is call me a tool
But if it weren't for you
I would be pregnant by now
Because since you left me to fend for myself
I've stopped respecting myself
I need you again
Need my best friend
This cant be the end
We cant be over
Tell me you'll see through your jealousy
That's all it is
You wanted me
You wanted me
Then I chose someone else
That's why you hate me
But tell me youll see through your jealousy

SoMeDaY… (MiTcHeL)

The only time you call me is want to talk to her
You don’t know how hard it is to love you
It's hard to love you when all you want is sex
I'd love to see the side of you that wants me
The side of you that likes me best
I hate not being able to talk to you about it
All you'll say is too bad or suck it up
It's just you're a playa and your attitude towards girls is tough
I don’t know if ill give you this poem
If I do I dunno how you'll react
But will it ever be mutual
Its like, for you to love me is against the rules
Sometimes with other guys I feel like a tool
But not with you
I hope we can always hang out
And someday go out
Maybe you'll figure it out

dO i LoVe YoU?
Help me I'm falling
Falling deeply for you
Your kiss sweet and endearing
Baby I think I may actually love you
When I see you my knees weaken
Because the feeling I have are true
No one else makes me this happy
I talk to my friends non-stop about you
I tell them about how funny you are
You're are what I think of when I wish upon a star
You and me will go far
If you tell me the truth
Do you love me
Or do you not
Are you testing me
If you are, that hurts a lot
Mitchel Carson I dunno what it is
But I love it
I think I may love you too
I think I may want to be with you
Can you make me the girl in your life
Or is there someone out there more special
Tell me babe, its crucial
Tell me if you love me
Say it deep and sweetly
I know you will
I'm saying it forever true

bye bye baby!
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wrote this kouple days ago [Apr. 18th, 2005|08:46 pm]
beauty is poetry
[mood |coldcold]
[music |duality(if u dont kno who sings this then u should die)]

Death upon Life
Life is death,
Death is life.
What's the difference?
I ask myself this everyday

What are we sure of in life?
Nothing some may say
But i say nay
One thing Death

Everyone must die in life
Life is here for us to die
Heaven or Hell? No there is death
God or satan? No there is death

I fear not death or anything else
But one thing is for certain...
One day, Whether soon or later
You, will die
My Suicide
If you open your eyes
And set your mind free.
Theres no telling
What you could see

Let in love
And push out hate.
Follow your destiny,
Follow your fate

Watch your deams
Listen to your heart
For they might come true
So why not start

There's so much you can do
With the life that you own
So dont waste a minute
By sitting alone

An Angels Tear
A secret rose
rolling down her cheek
lets me know
she has feelings for me.
No hiding behind
a wall of defense.
We have love
to tear down the fence.
Holding her in my arms
as she weeps.
Showing her I am going
to her see.
She stops worrying
knowing I am by her side.
I'm not letting her
allow herself to be blind.
She cries in joy.
She cries in pain.
Keep in mind the fact that I love her
will always remain.
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hell ya its me [Apr. 17th, 2005|07:13 pm]
beauty is poetry

image hosted by photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2005|09:12 pm]
beauty is poetry

hey this is rene...

just wanted to post one of my poems so there can be seen the differentiality in the poetry

heres my most recent one


It feels like its one sided
Tho you say its not
We've done shit
Tho have never been caught
I love you Mitch
But its hard to tell why
Its not bad, but it still makes me sigh
The love I have for you, I have felt before
You have the key that opens the door
The door to my heart
Just opened twice before
That has mostly always been closed
When we're sitting there smoking
The side of you I love is exposed
When I'm lying in your bed
Theres only one thing I dread
I simply dread that someday ill mess up
And never get to come back to you
Maybe one day youll realize that we're meant to be together
Meant for eachother
But it may be too late
And thats what i dreadfully hate
FoReVeR LoVe R+M
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